Irrigation Installation Tipp City OH

Homeowners and business owners invest a large amount of time and money into their landscaping. Landscaping says a lot about who you are and presents a fresh face to the community. Aqualon helps you to care for and protect that investment. We are certified in irrigation design as well as installation. Over the years, we have learned the ins and outs of irrigation systems from conservation minded designs to the highest quality products. When customers choose an Aqualon irrigation system, we help them through every step of the process and work in partnership towards a common goal. We strive to make your landscaping goals something to be proud of. Once you schedule an appointment, we come out to your home to meet with you personally. We talk with you to see what your goals for irrigation may be. Perhaps there is a section of the lawn that wilts and turns brown in the summer heat. Maybe there is a section that has so much shade that it never becomes green. These issues as well as flower bed irrigation are all things we would like to discuss with potential clients. Next, we will go back and design a sprinkler system that custom fits your property and the unique needs of your lawn and beds. A specialist will talk with you about how each aspect of the plan can fit into your budget for the project. We really appreciate honest customer feedback through the design process. If there is something that needs to be adjusted or added, we are happy to do so. Our crew then comes out to your home or business to begin working on installing your custom irrigation system. As a courtesy, we attest that our crew will do their very best to see that the work is minimally invasive to your lawn and property. We are diligent and take extra care to be sure that the work site is neat and tidy and that the customer is not inconvenienced during the installation process. Once the system is in place, we will return to meet with you. We will go through the entire system with you and explain exactly how it works. All of our new installations come with a seven year warranty on parts as well as service. As always, we are happy to maintain the system for you with one of our helpful plans or suggest your own custom maintenance plan as a follow up to our installation. If you should ever have concerns regarding your custom system, do not hesitate to call. We are happy to address any concerns that you may have.