P Jordan 
Great company to work with. Customer service was excellent! Appreciate their honesty: was going to buy a 2nd meter but John researched my usage/rates & recommended I wait to see if one will work. That's an easy $1.5k he could have pocketed. Such honesty &service are rare! They were quick to respond and explained everything. Pricing was fair too. Very happy. Looking forward to a green lawn.
Mark S 
Aqualon installed my irrigation system in December of 2016. The weather was very cold and yet the guys did an awesome job. Any lawn disruption due to the installation was professionally patched and filled in perfectly during the spring and summer of 2017. The system operates nicely and the operation of the control unit couldn't be easier. Aqualon has first class employees that take a great deal of pride in their work, and I highly recommend them for your lawn irrigation system.
Anne Kusma 
Great company. They are knowledgeable and do exceptional work. Rarely is there a problem but if there is they are prompt and knowledgeable and everything turns out great.I would recommend it highly.
Butch Helms 
Since adding Aqualon to our HOA maintenance program we have had absolutely no issues. Everything that has popped up as an issue has been from the original installer or the company that had our maintenance program after that. Their work is spot on with no excuses as they are always on schedule and continually make sure their customer base is happy. They treat your property as if it was their own. Madison's Grant HOA is one very happy customer of Aqualon, Inc.
Greg Fay 
Professional, on-time, thorough!