Other Services Tipp City OH

Once you get to know a company and trust their staff and work ethic, it might inspire you to ask what other services do they offer? The good news is that Aqualon does offer more than just lawn sprinkler installation and maintenance. Many of our additional extended programs that we offer are connected to your lawn sprinkler system in one way or another. Since we are already familiar with your yard and its wiring and boundary lines, we should be your first choice as we work on the beautification of your property. To prevent the return of chemicals returning to the water supply through sprinkler lines, cities and municipalities require a backflow preventer inspection. Our staff are qualified to check your system's backflow. Once it passes inspection, we file the certificate that ensures your water department that the backflow is in proper working order. Often times, when we are designing a custom irrigation system, we become very familiar with your lawn and flower beds. Through water and its proper placement, we hope to nurture and nourish the plants growing within those zones. We can merge that detailed knowledge of your landscaping to highlight it through lighting. With our Lighting Installation and Service, we can create dramatic illumination that not only showcases the landscaping of your home but also provides safety for you and your family. We offer LED options that are stunning yet cost effective. Invisible dog fences usually are installed along the perimeter of your property right next to the sprinkler lines. If you have a dog and are considering an invisible fence, why not consider having it installed simultaneously with your sprinklers? We can also install dog fences with or without a pre-existing irrigation system. Repairs to dog fences is also available. You might say that Aqualon is primarily in the water business. However, we add water to your lawn through lawn sprinklers, but we also take it away with our drainage service. Newly constructed homes particularly have standing or accumulating water that does not drain from their yard. We also find that established homes near new construction have been negatively affected by the redistribution of soil. Aqualon can come out and drain the water from your property. Then, we will work to provide a drainage infrastructure and prevent standing, stagnated water problems. With all of these additional fences, irrigation lines and drains we offer, it might be difficult to remember where everything is located. Maybe you have plans for future renovations and it would be helpful to remember where water, electrical and fences lines start and stop. No problem! We offer GPS mapping. We place the coordinates of your lines and systems into the global mapping system. The end result is a high quality map that the home or business owner can easily refer to in the future. Finally, for our business customers, we offer Commercial Snow Removal. Call us today.